MTH EP 08 Travis Nowotny

In the modern hunting industry, There are “professional hunters” who just make me cringe.  Some of the things they say and do Don’t align with my vision of what hunting should be. Nothing against them or their way of life, but I just see things a little differently than they do.

Enter Travis Nowotny.

Travis is the real deal.  He quietly and efficiently manages to harvest some of the most sought after Western big game animals year after year.  All while holding a full-time job and raising a young family.   In this podcast, we dig a little deeper into the making of the man.  We get to know a little bit more background history and of who Travis really is, And what makes him so effective.  I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as I have.

Travis is super humble and accommodating.  My deepest thanks to him and his family for spending some of their time with me.







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