MTH EP 04 Beth Garris Hunting TV Personality

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In this episode, I talk with aspiring hunting tv personality, Beth Garris.  Beth has a love for the outdoors and you can tell when you talk to her.  We discuss her mentors and how she started hunting.  We talk about her first hunt for deer and the effect that experience had on her life in the outdoors.  And we talk about the upcoming deer season.


I hope you enjoy this episode.

Stay safe and we will see you in the field.



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One Reply to “MTH EP 04 Beth Garris Hunting TV Personality”

  1. It was great, I enjoyed it. I look forward to listening more in the future. If you ever make it back to AZ we will have to go coyote hunting. My friend just competed in the world championship. I think he took second. Sound like your daughter would get a kick out of that hunt.

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