MTH EP 04 Beth Garris Hunting TV Personality

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In this episode, I talk with aspiring hunting tv personality, Beth Garris.  Beth has a love for the outdoors and you can tell when you talk to her.  We discuss her mentors and how she started hunting.  We talk about her first hunt for deer and the effect that experience had on her life in the outdoors.  And we talk about the upcoming deer season.


I hope you enjoy this episode.

Stay safe and we will see you in the field.



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MTH Podcast EP 03 First Deer Rifle and First Shotgun

In this episode, we discuss some good options for your first deer rifle and your first shotgun.  There are many options available to the new hunter and a new gun is an important decision to make.  Please remember that it is the responsibility of the new hunter to enroll in, and complete a hunter safety course prior to going afield with a firearm.  We know there are other options available to the new hunter.  Feel free to comment on which options worked best for you.  Happy hunting.


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MTH Podcast EP 02 Spring Hunting Opportunities

In this episode, we discuss hunting opportunities in the spring.  Different species are mentioned with some general advice to the new hunter.  We discuss spring Bear Hunting, Turkey hunting, Predator calling, Hog hunting, Javelina hunting, Texas Exotics and briefly discuss African Safari’s.  If you are feeling the letdown now that the fall hunting season is over, take a listen and start planning your spring hunts now.