MTH EP 11 Josh Kirchner Dialed in Hunter

It is my privilege to have Josh Kirchner join me for this episode.  Josh is a possessed man.  He eats, sleeps, and dreams hunting.  In this episode, we talk about hunting the west every year using over the counter tags (OTC Tags).  We talk about how to hunt deer, Elk, bear, Javelina, Mountain lion, and small game every year. Join us as we wax philosophical on life and hunting.

MTH EP 10 Tyler Destefano The Hunting Chef

Meat. It’s been the pursuit of man since the very beginning. From those early days we have been obsessed with procuring meat and cooking it by some means. Today we have so many different methods for preparing our meat that I wanted to bring on an expert.


Enter Tyler Destefano. He is the Hunting Chef.

Tyler and I discuss his up bring and how he learned to hunt from his Grandfather. We talk about the calming influence hunting has on him and why he needs to be in the woods. We also talk food, his successful restaurant, and how to prepare your first trophy meal. We stay pretty basic in our explanations and definitions. Sit back and enjoy our conversation.



MTH EP 09 The Provider Life

There’re times in your life when you know that you’ve met someone who just gets it.  That was my experience with Dan and Spenser from  From the first time I read their Instagram description, I knew we would have many things in common.

I hope you enjoy this episode where we talk about their mission at, some of Dan’s writing, and where we see hunting in the next 20 years.  I found myself comfortably surrounded by like-minded individuals who I can’t wait to hear from again.  I look forward to the time when we can all get together around a campfire on a chilly fall evening and continue the conversation.




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MTH EP 08 Travis Nowotny

In the modern hunting industry, There are “professional hunters” who just make me cringe.  Some of the things they say and do Don’t align with my vision of what hunting should be. Nothing against them or their way of life, but I just see things a little differently than they do.

Enter Travis Nowotny.

Travis is the real deal.  He quietly and efficiently manages to harvest some of the most sought after Western big game animals year after year.  All while holding a full-time job and raising a young family.   In this podcast, we dig a little deeper into the making of the man.  We get to know a little bit more background history and of who Travis really is, And what makes him so effective.  I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as I have.

Travis is super humble and accommodating.  My deepest thanks to him and his family for spending some of their time with me.







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MTH EP 07 Jay Platt with G3 Outfitters

In this episode, I have a wonderful time talking with Jay Platt from G3 outfitters. Jay is an old family friend and I was super excited to have him on the podcast. He and his crew of talented guides hunt for all the big game species in the state of New Mexico. They specialize in Sheep Hunts, Elk Hunts, off range Oryx,  and just about everything else New Mexico has to offer. Some of the things we discussed for his first big game hunt, The first time he guided a client to a successful harvest of a Bull Elk. We also talked about some tips he has for new hunters.  I hope you enjoy this episode as much as Jay and I did as we recorded it.

MTH EP 06 3 Knives for Your Hunting Kit

In today’s podcast, we talk about the 3 knives that I carry in my hunting kit.  I really do use each of these knives and believe they are great for the new hunter.  We talk about the different points of use and the benefits of each.


I hope you all enjoy this.  Comment below what your go to knife for skinning, or daily carry.


See you in the field,



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MTH EP 05 Conversations with a Bear Hunter Patrick Schmidt

Enter my new friend Patrick Schmidt.  Patrick is a great guy and a great bear hunter.  We talk about our first deer kills and our journey into hunting.  We talk about our first hunts, how we got into hunting, bear hunting, Deer hunting, Foraging, and family.  I hope you enjoy the show.


See you in the field


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MTH EP 04 Beth Garris Hunting TV Personality

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In this episode, I talk with aspiring hunting tv personality, Beth Garris.  Beth has a love for the outdoors and you can tell when you talk to her.  We discuss her mentors and how she started hunting.  We talk about her first hunt for deer and the effect that experience had on her life in the outdoors.  And we talk about the upcoming deer season.


I hope you enjoy this episode.

Stay safe and we will see you in the field.



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MTH Podcast EP 03 First Deer Rifle and First Shotgun

In this episode, we discuss some good options for your first deer rifle and your first shotgun.  There are many options available to the new hunter and a new gun is an important decision to make.  Please remember that it is the responsibility of the new hunter to enroll in, and complete a hunter safety course prior to going afield with a firearm.  We know there are other options available to the new hunter.  Feel free to comment on which options worked best for you.  Happy hunting.


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MTH Podcast EP 02 Spring Hunting Opportunities

In this episode, we discuss hunting opportunities in the spring.  Different species are mentioned with some general advice to the new hunter.  We discuss spring Bear Hunting, Turkey hunting, Predator calling, Hog hunting, Javelina hunting, Texas Exotics and briefly discuss African Safari’s.  If you are feeling the letdown now that the fall hunting season is over, take a listen and start planning your spring hunts now.